Sample Thesis Statement

Many writers of research find it difficult to formulate good thesis for their researches. A thesis is a statement of probable fact or an informed or a wise guess that you will lay against your research to confirm at the end of the research papers. A thesis is also called hypotheses. In research documents or even essays, a thesis is the last one or two sentence(s) in the first paragraph also called the introductory paragraph. The thesis will tell what the paper is about or will try to predict the final point of the paper by making an informed wise guess about the subject. For example on the post-election violence that may have taken place in some African country, a thesis could be formulated as in: it is possible that ethnic tensions following announcement of alleged wrong results is what led to the postelection violence. This could form a very good sample thesis statement. Or in a car bombing a long a street in the USA, the thesis statement could be: it is possible that this bombing was a political assassination or planned by malicious politicians for selfish political ends. What the researcher must have in mind is that if his research is a hypothesis or thesis testing research, then at the end of the research, we must see the results and discussions either approving or disapproving the thesis. You have to state your thesis very clearly and you should avoid clothing it around so many words. Be simple, clear and definite in the statement of your thesis. Do not bandy around with so many words trying to explain in so many words what your thesis is. Just be clear in very limited words and state the custom thesis even in just a sentence.

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