Informal Essay Example

For the majority of students writing informal essays is the best way to demonstrate their individuality and creative thinking. Informal essays are believed to be more personal as compared to formal essays. In addition, they may combine originality, enjoyment, persuasiveness and informativity.

If you want to write an original informal essay, you should remember that conversational style prevails here. Informal essay enables the writer speak to the reader, thus establishing direct contact with him/her.
Suppose, you are given a task to write an informal essay, but cannot find any informal essay ideas. The following informal essay example, the topic of which is “Our School Excursion” may come in handy to you. The example is given schematically so that you could vividly see the basic ideas of the essay: the aim of school excursion – preparations for the trip – the members of the excursion group – the journey – arrival at the place of your destination – the way you spent time there – enjoyment you have got from your school excursion. Keep in mind that the structure of your informal essay should obligatory include introduction, the body of the essay and the conclusion.
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