Essay writing for Pleasure

Essay writing could be for our personal enjoyment and satisfaction also. However, it does not mean that you need not have to select informative topics for essays when you write  informal essays. Informal essay writing is a process of presenting some less formal topics such as personal experiences, humors happening around etc in a well-structured format. Some informative topics for essays can be written in a very informal way. Difference is informal essay writing is not so rigid as a formal one is.

Informal essay writing is more personal and the writer speaks directly to the readers of it. It is more of a direct interaction which is not so in a formal essay writing. You can add your sense of humor and slice of your personality and attitude to it. Advantage in informal essay writing is, you can write on any subject of your choice and there is no limitation on the topics. Its basic structure itself is a little different from formal essay writing. It comes in small paragraghaphs, more conversational, and it generally concludes with some general statements.

Informal essays are in more journalistic forms with its style and tone. You can read it as if you were reading a newspaper article or news.

As we mentioned earlier that this informal essay is not restricted to certain topics. Some Examples of informal essay topics are given below;

  • My Best Travel experience
  • My religion and faith
  • Marriage and divorce
  • My college days
  • In a twilight at my village
  • My heritage home

And the list goes on and on, there is no stopping for it since every day leaves behind a piece of new experience in our lives. However, you must remember that there are readers for your essays so their taste should also be taken in to consideration when you write an informal essay. It would be nice if they could relate their experiences with the one you described in your essay.

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