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Academic writing: simple tips for 3 important kinds of school papers


The basic element of academic discussion, it is clearly obvious that learning how to write an essay is the first thing you need to know.

  • Essays can talk about anything or everything. First, have a solid idea of what the topic is and what the topic is asking you.
  • Create an outline, which serves as your road map on how to write an essay.
  • Fill in the details. It could be fluid, almost personal and rigid, based only on research.
  • Create a conclusion that summarizes all points.


From books, movies, songs to theater performances, learning how to write a review paper is a good way to test your analytical skills, critical thinking and to look at things with objectivity.

  • Select the piece that you wish to review and actually read or view the material.
  • Based on what needs to be analyzed, focus on various elements of the material. Create an outline surveying details like the plot, characters/characterization, setting, and many other details that comprise the entirety of the material.
  • Normally, you will follow a certain theory or framework. At first, it will be hard to find your voice to write but it will be natural to you once you have written your review.
  • Based on your personal experience, create a vivid scenario of how this material has appealed to you. It could be through personal accounts, or in comparison to other materials.
  • Finally, to finish how to write a review paper, create a conclusion that summarizes all points. Always go back to your arguments and lead the reader to a solid ending. It does not have to be obvious. This is what makes a good review.


A more complex form or writing, it combines certain elements form essay writing but with a certain flow.

  • Learning how to write thesis paper starts with a strong thesis or problem. In some cases, you have to research for it from past materials or topics.
  • Create an outline, from the scope of the thesis, the methodology, the literature, and the findings.
  • A thesis is always objective and must comply with the requirements set by the school.
  • Remember to cite all your references within the text and on your bibliography.

Can Informal Essays Be Informative?

The main reason why an informal essay is written is simply and plainly fun; this, however, doesn’t mean that this kind of essay cannot be informative. As we all know, the main point of an informative essay is to share some knowledge with the reader, no matter what kind of knowledge it is. And there are more than enough informal essay examples based on this very principle – they give a reader certain information in an easygoing and easy to understand way, so that both the reader and the writer can enjoy themselves when dealing with the text.

Topics for an informative essay of this kind may vary greatly, but in a word it is simply anything that interests the writer and may be interesting for the reader: religion, personal experience, philosophical ideas, anything.

One can, of course, approach an online essay service and ask for an essay of this kind, but it may not be a very good idea for the sheer reason that these essays are generally highly personalized: that is, they are very often based on the nature of the person who has written them and the people who are going to read them; being torn out of the context they cease to make any sense.

Before you start writing a text of this kind it is best to read a couple of informal essay examples, simply to get the idea of what is expected of you. And, of course, when selecting among topics for an informative essay, try to find something on what it will be easy to write. Something you are interested in, something that you know a lot about – it isn’t a very bright move to try and write casually about something on what you have to do serious research beforehand.

How to Write an Informal Essay

Although informal essays are generally written more for fun than because they have been given as homework, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t select informative topics for essays. The subject matter of your essay should not only be interesting, but also important, significant not only for you, but for the ones who are going to read it as well.

Informal essay writing, as it is understood from the name, mostly deals with relaxed and witty exchange of opinions; the norms are less important than in other kinds of writing, because the very idea is based on their absence. It means that it is exactly the kind of writing in which you are allowed to express maximum level of personalization. Study the examples of informal essay on the Net and you will see the point.

It is rather useless to try and enumerate some set of rules on informal essay writing, because the only rule one can think about is to write without following any particular rules. However, it doesn’t mean that you should take pains to sound more informal than you normally are. The informality isn’t imposed on you; it simply means that there are fewer restrictions than there are usually. Avoid slang – it usually makes you sound not informal, but simply sloppy.

And, of course, try to find and use informative topics for essays, for the idea behind informal writing is not the importance of informal communication, but an opportunity for you to express your opinion without restrictions of formal style, tight regulations and so on. Try to speak about the theme that is important for you in a way you speak about it with your friends who are also interested in it – it may be a good indication at what kind of writing you should try to achieve.

Free Essay on Information Technology: Simple Writing Tips

The informative essay is the type of work that is considered the most challenging one among all writing tasks. If you take a look at any example of an informative essay, you’ll see that you, as the author of the project, will have to take the role of an expert/teacher for a general group of readers that, you have to know, is not familiar with what your topic or thesis statement informative essay.  That is why a lot of students usually feel a lot of pressure because of the need of being both interesting and informative. However, all you have to do is to plan out your project and structure it so that all details were understandable for you and less stressful. Remember, it is important to enjoy what you do!

First of all, you have to decide on a topic for the essay on information technology. The topic must be important for your readers and for you too. Take some informal essay sample to find out what may be useful for your audience. Nowadays we live in the computer era and you have a lot of topics to avail of. For example, you may find it interesting to work on:

  • Information technologies advantages and disadvantages
  • Information technology impact on society
  • Can artificial Intelligence improve the quality of life?
  • Information technology and Internet


The example we will use in this article as an informal essay sample is ‘Information Technology Development’.

To start with, you have to put down a tentative thesis statement informative essay. What is that you’d like to share with your audience? Don’t expand too much on this page, as you will definitely have to modify your thesis somewhat in the process of research and generate the actual essay. Just put down something specific and interesting.

Draft an outline in order to make a list of all the questions you have related to your topic, all the facts you know about it, any personal observations you may experienced. For example: what kind of impact information technology has on privacy, control, organizations, ethics and instructional practices? How did information technology help them to improve their performance?

Conduct a thorough research for your topic on the library and on the web. Benefit from credible and authoritative sources only. You could also interview information technology managers if you know some.

Write the essay. Essay on information technology has the same structure as all the other essay types. Nevertheless, this essay type has some peculiarities. In your project your have to reveal relations between society and technology and explore in what way information technology influence people.

Like no other research project information technology essay needs clarity, accuracy and persistency in student’s thoughts and thesis statement presenting. If you do not know what to rite about then approach your tutor for assistance. He may provide you with the list of topics so that you could pick the one that attracts you. Select the topic you comprehend and due to which you have an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge. Remember, if you choose the topic that is too innovative, you may encounter difficulties to promote the topic for the reason that there may be not enough facts and details to this theme.

How to Write Informal Essays?

Writing informal essays is a fascinating experience for students who have rich imagination. Informal essays are typically written for pleasure. They may contain any information you consider the most appropriate. The most specific feature that distinguishes informal essays from ordinary ones is their informal style and not really elaborated plan. Ideas for informal essay are unlimited, so if you are given this task, you are welcome either to describe any event that has happened in your life or just make up your own story with captivating and entertaining plot.

To make your informal essay not only attention-grabbing, but thought-provoking as well, you may use intriguing ideas for informal essay and a number of special informal essay writing techniques. It means that you may not obligatory stick to the traditionally required essay structure. For example, you may start you essay directly with the ending or describe the events jumping around in time to make them unpredictable. It is also possible to apply the so-called “time compression technique” that enables trace the main events of your story without focusing on insignificant details.

Though writing an informal essay outline is not mandatory, some students still consider this aspect to be quite convenient. The outline of the essay is like a platform, on which the whole narration is based. In other words, informal essay outline is a summary of the following essay parts: its title, introduction (thesis statement included), the body of the essay and the conclusion. It is also possible to mention the bibliography you are planning to use in the process of writing an informal essay.

If you are pressed for time or simply lack ideas for your informal essay, you may look for informal essay writing help on the Internet. Experienced essay writers will do the task for you with regard to your basic requirements and deadlines.

College Informal Essay Topics

Informal essay writing may bring a student indescribable enjoyment. Informal essays are frequently given preference to by those students who do not like to be restricted by particular instructions and appreciate freedom of choice. The ability to convey thoughts freely and openly is valued by the majority of college students.
Informal essays presuppose not only perfect writing skills, but rich imagination and creative thinking as well. When thinking about the topic of your college informal essay, you should remember that it should appeal to the reader and encourage him/her read the essay to the end. Though there are no specified informal essays topics and students are free to choose any topic that appeals to them most, some topics, which are frequently used by college students include:
The Best Journey of My Life
My Religion
Teenagers’ Alcoholism

Being a Member of the Society
Marriage and Divorce
If you want your informal essay to be highly rated by the professor, it is recommended to write the best informal essay outline. It will give you an idea of your essay’s structure and content. Nowadays, there are numerous websites that contain all the required information about informal essay topics as well as informal essay writing tips. These websites are of great help for students who need college informal essay help. Some of them charge fees for their services, mainly because essays are written by professional writers, who know plenty of intriguing informal essay topics.
Though prices set for custom essay writing services are generally quite competitive, not all college students may afford them. Instead, there are free essay websites, where each student may find free college informal essay samples that will supply them with useful informal essay writing ideas.
There are students who look for free college informal essay websites for individual reasons. For example, they may be pressed for time and will hardly cope with their written assignments in time. In this respect, online college informal essay help is also indispensable.

Best Ideas for Informal Essays

Informal essay is the best way to manifest your creativeness and intellectual liberty. As soon as you are given a task that presupposes writing a paper on one of hot informal essay topics, you immediately start thinking about the best informal essay ideas. Keep in mind that informal essays are written mainly for enjoyment, so you are given a freedom of choice here. You may either recollect exciting and remarkable events that have occurred in your life or just make up your own story with the intriguing and attention-grabbing plot. In this respect, informal essays give you a perfect opportunity to enjoy the very process of writing, which is devoid of any restrictions. The only thing you should remember, however, is to retain the generally required structure of the essay, which should contain the introduction, the body of the essay and the conclusion.
Choosing a topic of your future informal essay is always complicated. Successful accomplishment of this written assignment depends to a great extent on the topic you have given preference to as well as on the way you present your ideas. That is why you should take this step seriously. Here are several hot informal essay topics:
The Celebrities Give Us Bad Examples
Relationships Between Parents and Children
The Point in My Life Where I Would Start Over
AIDS: the Plague of the 21st Century
Love and Friendship
Students, who face problems when composing their informal essays, may order informal essay writing help on the Internet. Custom essay writing services may help you produce an informative, but entertaining essay that will definitely appeal to the reader. As far as making an outline of the essay may contribute to the successful accomplishment of your written paper, informal essay outline help is also available on the web.
If you want your informal essay to make a good impression on your professor and get the highest grade possible, you may order informal essay writing assistance any time you consider it the most appropriate. Nonetheless, you should not forget that informal essay writing is not quite difficult, so you may try to accomplish the task successfully yourself.