Capstone Project Writing

In gathering the capstone project information for identifying the hazards, we used different PhD research methodologies including the questionnaires and interviewing the workers. Notably, we had already structured the questionnaires and only distributed them to the workers, who were the respondents. The capstone project questionnaires were chosen because they are cheap to use, and may reveal the secret that an individual worker may not want to show capstone project.   As the workers who got the questionnaires were busy answering the questions, we had an opportunity to interview some of the capstone project employees on matters relation to the occupational safety and health in the company. During the capstone project interviews, we were informed that the company had considerably adequate measures to minimize the risks that are imminent in the capstone project mining industry. Particularly, we heard that the company provides all the protective devices to all the employees upon recruitment. When working on the final essay papers of the capstone project, each student has to define the nature of the research that he is working on.

One of the workers reiterated that failure to wear protective equipment in the capstone project puts oneself to the numerous risks such as physical injuries, hearing impairment, liquid chemical and gases. One of the common gases that one could smell was sulphur dioxide, which emanate from the mining ores, and is very dangerous, capstone project.

Completing the questionnaires and the interviews took about two hours, since most of the employees were literate and did not need my consultation. In fact, they just consulted among themselves and gave their capstone project opinion. Notably, the questionnaires were structured into open and closed ended questions, which needed opinion and definite answers respectively. After completing the interviews, I collected the capstone custom project questionnaires and analyzed the responses.

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